Virtual Data Room – VDR by TransPerfect Deal Interactive

Virtual Data Room – VDR by TransPerfect Deal Interactive

A TransPerfect Deal Interactive Virtual Data Room enables you to securely host due diligence documents on-line for your transaction, significantly extending your reach into the marketplace. Fast repository creation and 24/7 support help corporations, financial institutions, and law firms achieve cost- and time-efficiencies during the M&A process.

Our Virtual Data Room solutions offer you the following value-added benefits:

Client Service
Our client service personnel are available around-the-clock, 24/7/365 to ensure that all elements of your due diligence process move forward with ease - from scanning hardcopies in our world-class document management facilities to setting up user and admin roles based on your specifications.

Intuitive Design
The VDR user interface was designed to allow for optimal management of files, users, and reporting. Additionally, we've streamlined it to allow the performance of most common functions with the fewest clicks—making online collaboration easy for experts and novices alike.

TransPerfect Deal Interactive's VDR hosting environment is SAS 70 Level II certified. This is the gold standard for safeguarding electronic data in the financial services industry.

With the fastest load times in the industry and a service team that works around the clock, TransPerfect Deal Interactive is able set up VDRs on-demand, days or even hours after your initial request.

Activity Tracking
From access logs for every file in the system, to organization-level reports that indicate users actions by company, our solutions are designed to help sellers be more informed. By analyzing behavior of prospective buyers, sellers can estimate their interest level and legitimacy.

Customer Support
Access to help is instantaneous and the average support call is successful resolved, from start to finish, in under 3 minutes. Leaving your prospective buyers the time and the ability to concentrate on the deal.

Ease of Use
Guided by the collective answers of our 6,000 users, we have achieved an intuitive, streamlined and easily navigable design that breathes speed into the process. Formal administrator training can be completed within 30 minutes, and general users require virtually no formal training.

For more information on our VDR solutions, please visit the TransPerfect Deal Interactive website.